Is this how to get round political funding rules?

Is this how to get round political funding rules?

    Are there lessons for the UK in this NON-AD for Hillary?

Under US campaign funding rules the maximum that anyone can donate is $2300. This is one of the reasons why the Clinton campaign has found it hard to compete with Obama who has built up a mass fundraising base. But there are not the same limitations if you give to other organisations and some big Clinton supporters are said to be behind the latest initiative.

The above ad, reported by Ben Smith on Politico, is from a body calling itself the “American Leadership Project” which says its objective are:- “The American Leadership Project is a committee of Americans who have come together to shine a backlight on issues that matter most to our nation’s middle class and do it in a positive way. These are positive ads that serve to raise awareness about these issues at a critical time in our nation’s history in places where they are paying the most attention. Right now that’s Ohio and Texas. Sen. Clinton is a champion of these issues and ALP supports her positions and we say so in the ads.”

With political funding a big issue in the UK could this be a model of how to get round the rules?

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Mike Smithson

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