Tories take 9% lead with Ipsos-MORI

Tories take 9% lead with Ipsos-MORI

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    The Lib Dems jump 4 points

Ipsos-Mori has just released its latest poll which follows the recent YouGov and ComRes surveys and shows a big increase in the Conservative lead. The shares, with comparisons on the last survey almost a month ago shows CON 41% (+1): LAB 32% (-3): LD 17% (+4).

The survey was carried out by phone from November 23rd-27th so would have caught the first part of Labour’s dodgy donations scandal.

The Tories will be delighted that they are advancing as will the Lib Dems with their massive boost.

According to the Wells seat calculator these vote shares would produce an overall Conservative majority of two seats.

Almost precisely two months ago Ipsos-MORI found CON 31%: LAB 44%: LD 15%.

My betting I was waiting for this survey before deciding whether to cash in some of my Tory buy profits on the Commons seat markets. I’m staying in because with the last three polls showing the same picture it will reinforce the betting move to the Tories away from Labour.

Mike Smithson

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