Will we know next weekend?

Will we know next weekend?


    Sky News commissioning Huhne-Clegg poll

Adam Boulton has emailed me to say that Sky News has commissioned a YouGov Poll of party members on the LibDem Leadership race.

This will be carried out next week and they will have the results to make available ion the evening of Saturday 1st December.

Given that by then a large proportion of members are likely to have voted then at least part of it will be akin to an exit poll. My guess is that this is likely to be more accurate than the privately commissioned polls during the 2006 race. Certainly the YouGov Tory member polls at that stage in the Davis-Cameron clash proved to be very accurate.

In the betting William Hill has reported that there’s been a lot of interest in Chris Huhne and on Betfair his price has tightened to 2.2/1.

Mike Smithson

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