Is evens on Ming surviving a good value bet?

Is evens on Ming surviving a good value bet?

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    Will he still be leader at the General Election?

In the immediate aftermath of the election results the Lib Dem leader, Ming Campbell, was forced onto the back foot with questions in TV interviews about his leadership style. In response he is quoted as saying: “Let me make it absolutely clear. I will be leading this party through this parliament, into the next election and into the parliament beyond.”

William Hill have announced that they are offering evens that he will NOT lead the Party into the next General Election, and 8/11 that he will do. This market is not available online but you can put a bet on over the phone.

I can’t work out whether this is a good bet or not. For the party, surely, has not got the stomach to depose two leaders in the same parliament? Persuading Charles Kennedy to step down was traumatic enough and the scars still remain.

    For the only way Ming Campbell is going to step aside is if he does it voluntarily – and judging by his determined response he appears pretty resolute

From a betting perspective there’s a major catch. The terms of the bet state that it is on him being leader at the next election so you probably would not get paid if he stood down in the meantime. After all he could possibly return after that. Your stake could be locked up for three whole years

Mike Smithson

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