Is something big about to break?

Is something big about to break?

the mole.GIFMy voice-mail from the Mole

I’ve just picked up a voice-mail message that was left on my mobile by a Scottish sounding man earlier this evening. He said he was “The Mole” of The First Post fame.

This is the full text of the message that was left: “Mike you wont me know but I think you read my column – I write the Mole in the First Post.

I’m just phoning you to give you heads up that you should look at my column tomorrow. There’s something on it that may interest you about a certain announcement.

I’ll leave it at that but I’d love to say who I am and be less crpyptic… Read my column tomorrow.”

The Mole has been taking a fairly Number 11 Downing Street view of the Labour succession – not Number 10. I can only assume that the announcement that he refers to is the Tony Blair one about the exit time-table. There has been some speculation that Blair could make it BEFORE May 3rd – election day.

We have to assume that we are being prepared for something big for a reason. This guy did not call me to do me a favour – there is a reason why he wants us to know some development is about to come forward.

I am intrigued and I pass this on.

Mike Smithson

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