French Presidential Election 2007 1st Round Competition

French Presidential Election 2007 1st Round Competition

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For each of the candidates listed, predict their percentage share of the vote in the first round of the French Presidential election. Make your predictions to up to one decimal place.

  • François Bayrou (UDF)
  • Jean-Marie Le Pen (FN)
  • Ségolène Royal (PS)
  • Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP)
  • Your score for each candidate will be the absolute difference between your prediction and their actual result, and your overall score will be the sum of your four candidate scores combined. (Your score for each candidate will be calculated to one decimal place.)
    The entry with the lowest combined score will win the competition.

    What will be the highest percentage vote score by any candidate (not just the “big four”) in any of France’s 106 départements? Make your prediction to up to two decimal places.
    For the purposes of the competition there are 106 départements in total, 96 in metropolitan France (mainland + Corsica), nine in the DOM-TOM (the overseas territories), with French Overseas as an additional département.

    The competition will use official final results as released by the Interior Ministry and as verified by the Constitutional Council. In the event of any dispute, the Organiser’s decision is final.

    Entries close at 9pm BST Saturday 21st April.

    Special thanks to Chris (from Paris) for his assistance with the competition and to Politicos for providing the price – more details of which can be found here.

    Paul Maggs “Double Carpet”

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