Peter the Punter’s Politician Popularity Pointers

Peter the Punter’s Politician Popularity Pointers

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    Introducing the Five P column

A couple of weeks ago IG Index introduced a new political spread betting market based upon the results of YouGov’s Political Popularity poll. IG invited punters to bet on the movements, up or down, of selected leading politicians in their ‘Brand Index’ poll.

Aaron Bell wrote a piece in response and gave his recommended buys and sells. It was intended to be a regular weekly piece but unfortunately he cannot continue and so you’ve got me instead.

Aaron chalked up a profit of 5.1 points (£51 to a £10 stake) so he’s a hard act to follow. I am conscious too that in taking on IG, I am in effect challenging the formidable Anthony Wells, who advises them. I will not be alone however and intend to draw on the assistance of my fellow posters at I think we’re a match for him. Let battle commence!

    Last week, Aaron reaped a huge plus with a sell of Tony Blair. This week, we predict the bounce-back. He’s always been brilliant at recoveries and we propose a 1 point buy even at the new level of 55.8 – up a whole point since Mike recommended it this morning.

We cannot be so optimistic about the other Labour luminaries, who all look like sells. You could pretty much take your pick but we alighted upon John Reid & Harriet Harman – both 1 point sells at 70.3 and 77.5 respectively. Reid is looking more and more like damaged goods whist Harman, whose rating dropped from an all-time high last week, still looks overpriced.

Betting is open until Friday. Results follow on the Monday when I shall conduct a review and give next week’s selections. I am away for most of the day so will not be able to answer points that come up.

Good luck.

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Peter Smith (aka Peter the Punter)

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