A frustrating morning for poll-watchers

A frustrating morning for poll-watchers

    Where’s the YouGov and Populus polling information?

This morning I had thought that there would be two stories competing for attention – the February survey by Populus for the Times and that much-trailed YouGov poll of members on the Lib Dem leadership.

There’s no sign of the latter in the online versions of the papers and the Times report on the Populus survey focuses on attitudes to the Muslim cartoon row with no mention of the latest party shares. Maybe that will come in a few days.

Whatever Populus is very good about getting its material onto its web-site so we should not have to wait too long for the latest General Election voting intention figures.

The YouGov Lib Dem member’s survey is a puzzle. We know from comments on the site that it has taken place and closed yesterday morning. We do not know who commissioned it and the client could, of course, have been private. We might never see the numbers.

    It is to the credit of YouGov that there has been no unusual activity on the Lib Dem leadership markets.

The latest prices are Campbell 0.62/1: Huhne 2.1/1: Hughes 8.4/1

Because of the internet pollster’s excellent performance during the Tory leadership its Lib Dem membership survey here was taking on a new significance. There was a story going round yesterday that whoever had commissioned it was not happy with the results – hence the silence. Who knows?

In the days after Charles Kennedy stepped down the colourful Lib Dem MP, John Hemming, commissioned YouGov to see if he would stand a chance if he put his name forward. That survey came out Campbell 79% Hemming 7%. No other options were put.

Mike Smithson

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