Has Huhne now got Campbell in sight?

Has Huhne now got Campbell in sight?

    Candidates poll shows the ex-MEP is getting closer

A poll of 50 Lib Dem candidates for the More4 News on digital TV has Campbell with 22 backers, Hunhe with 17 and Hughes on just 7.

As yet we have no further details of the survey except that those who took part in the survey were “candidates at the last General Election in marginal constituencies”.

But this is not a survey of Lib Dem members and it is hard to to come to a firm conclusion. The Huhne camp, however, will feel really satisfied that their man, an almost total unknown face weeks ago, is making such good progress.

The betting today has seen an easing of the Campbell price and a tightening Simon Hughes’s.

We have yet to get news of what will be the key poll on this contest – the survey that was completed today of Lib Dem members by YouGov.

Mike Smithson

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