Will Mark Oaten retain Winchester?

Will Mark Oaten retain Winchester?

    Meanwhile the money piles on Ming

Less than 24 hours after having to pull out of the Lib Dem leadership race a bookmaker has opened market on whether Mark Oaten will retain his seat at the General Election.

The opening prices are 4/7 that he will and 5/4 that he won’t.

This is an interesting bet because if the Tories do manage to sustain a recovery then Lib Dem seats like Winchester could be vulnerable. Oaten is a formidable campaigner and I would not bet against him.

In the main leadership market punters have been piling onto Ming Campbell who now stands at 0.84/1 with Simon Hughes having moved out to 2.2/1. There’s been a big move behind Chris Huhne who has now tightened to 7.2/1.

Mike Smithson

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