Will Charles’s great gamble work?

Will Charles’s great gamble work?


    William Hills make him only second favourite for his own job

An evening of excitement following Charles Kennedy’s dramatic announcement about his drink problem and his desire for another contest has thrown open the betting.

This complicated by the fact that the main markets that exist are on who will be the NEXT leader – not who will win this latest contest.

William Hill have just announced a market on who will win this contest. On this Kennedy has been installed as 5/2 second favourite to win with Menzies Campbell 5/4 favourite to emerge as Party Leader as a result of the contest. Other prices are 5/1 Simon Hughes; 8/1 Ed Davey; 10/1 Nick Clegg; Mark Oaten; 20/1 David Laws; 33/1 Vince Cable; Lembit Opek; 100/1 Sara Teather.

The danger for Kennedy is that there will be a media open season in the next few days which could produce highly damaging stories about past behaviour.

    The question is bound to be asked that he put himself forward at the last General Election as a potential Prime Minster in the knowledge that he had this problem. He has also repeatedly lied about his condition.

On the betting so many issues need to be resolved. Will other Lib Dem MPs put themselves up against him. What is the view of the party membership – do they back him in the way that Kennedy believes they do?

Let’s hope that there will be an opinion poll of members in the next few days. My understanding is that YouGov has a list of known member who could be included in a poll.

Mike Smithson

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