Betting Odds search engines – best for political betting

Betting Odds search engines – best for political betting


The third post on the ways of politcal betting looks at at the traditional bookmakers where getting the best price used to be laborious and time-consuming and involved switching between upto 20 sites. But that’s all changed with the emergence of the betting odds search engines. These link to the online bookmakers, continually scan prices in each market, and then present them on the screen in an easy to digest table.

    The odds search engines end once and for all the frustration of making a bet with one bookmaker only to discover that another is offering a much better price.

Finding the best value is easy because you can see the odds that each bookie allowing you to compare what’s available. They usually have the betting exchange prices available as well as, now, spread betting information. The one-stop site for all you betting market needs is a great boon.

To make a bet you click on the price and this takes you through to the bookmaker’s site. If you already have an account you simply bet in the normal way. If you do not then the odds engines’ facilities usually make this easy for you.

In preparing these posts for the search engines are indispensable. Not only can you see what the prices are but you can also get an idea of the plethora of different markets that are there.

There are three main betting odds search engines – Oddschecker, Easyodds and Bestbetting.

    The leading site for political gamblers is Bestbetting – which is very much “the Google of the betting search engines”. It always has the widest range of political markets whice are updated round the clock at regualr intervals

Number of political markets covered by the main Odds Search Engines:-
Bestbetting 20
Easyodds 1
Oddschecker 5

All the links on odds on this site go to Bestbetting.

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