It’s not looking good for Suella Braverman

It’s not looking good for Suella Braverman

It appears that Danny Krueger and others are switching from Suella Braverman to Robert Jenrick which is bad news for her, she’s not very loyal and a caricature of herself. Braverman is the sort of person that would unplug somebody’s life support machine so she could charge her mobile. She’s a clear lay in the next Tory leader market.

I think the best bet is on former Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero Claire Coutinho who I backed with Ladbrokes today at 50/1. She’s a Sunak favourite as this article from March shows and it wouldn’t surprise me if Sunak made her Shadow Chancellor this week.

She seems relatively sane and not as extreme as some of the contenders and could hoover up the support somebody like Jeremy Hunt may have picked up had he decided to stand for the leadership again. She could also hoover up the Penny Mordaunt vote as she backed Brexit too. She has a compelling backstory, the daughter of doctor immigrants who moved to the UK from India subcontinent.

At 50/1 I think that represents stonking value on Coutinho as a trading bet at worst. I suspect the Tories will end up choosing a female from the BAME community to succeed Sunak. if the final two are Priti Patel and Claire Coutinho I’ll be so happy having backed Patel at 33/1 a few months ago.


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