The Purge: Election Year

The Purge: Election Year

It has been an exciting day for political aficionados with the apparent purge of some left leaning Labour MPs with the most high profile being Diane Abbott.

This YouGov poll shows the public do support Starmer’s decision although Labour voter’s disagree. I have never been a Diane Abbott fan. If there’s one thing that will really annoy me is hypocrisy on education and she’s got a lot of hypocrisy there as this link shows.

She’s also made quite a few comments that I would characterise as racist, speaking as an ethnic minority I can attest ethnic minority people can be racist as well. I have a litmus test is you are making a comment about a specific ethnic minority and how would it sound about another ethnic minority group, by those tests she fails.

Overall I think this will help Starmer as it confirms he is changing the Labour party from its hard left past under Corbyn. I cannot be the only one to notice the remarkable transformation in the last few weeks of Starmer from Sir Softie to Stalin.


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