Never go full Corbyn 2019

Never go full Corbyn 2019

One of the key lessons from 2019 is that no matter how flawed a leader you are, you can still win a healthy general election majority if your opponent is even more flawed and a bigger voter repellant.

Whilst this isn’t all on Sunak, this is what happens when you’re leading the governing party of the last fourteen years it still some ‘achievement’ to outdo Jeremy Corbyn. One of the reasons Boris Johnson’s leadership ambitions are over is that towards the end of his premiership his ratings were approaching Corbyn 2019 levels.

With 59% of the electorate saying they would be unhappy if Sunak won the election this indicates tactical voting will back with a vengeance against the Tories.

What this also shows is how quickly things can change, something people wondering what Starmer’s second and third terms will do, things can change quite quickly. When you rewatch the 1992 general election coverage one of the talking points were could Labour ever win a general election. That more people would be unhappy with Starmer winning the election than happy it is further proof that Starmer and his government might become very unpopular quite quickly.


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