The problems with having two massive elections at the same time

The problems with having two massive elections at the same time

My expectation is that Sunak will call the general election later on this year which will mean there is a strong likelihood that the US Presidential election and UK general elections will take place within weeks, if not days, of each other which risks in the UK the two elections getting interlinked.

Liz Truss isn’t the first Tory to publicly endorse Donald Trump for President and I expect quite a few others will and effectively kiss the ring of Donald Trump and his party of Putin’s catamites which could be a problem for the Tories.

My expectation the more Tory MPs and candidates publicly endorse Trump the more seats the Tories lose as Starmer and others will be attacking the Tories for being a party of extremists which will see the Tory share of the vote go lower, as we can see below, Trump isn’t very popular in the UK, even amongst Tories.

I also have a presumption that Donald Trump will try and intervene in our election and that will also be sub-optimal for the Tories unless he says the Tories were wrong to replace Boris Johnson and Liz Truss with Rishi Sunak in which case I could see Sunak’s popularity going up a bit.


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