The long road to a united Ireland

The long road to a united Ireland

In 1990, the show that spawned the show Picard and its better than sex season three, Star Trek: The Next Generation aired an episode called The Higher Ground which said Irish reunification took place in 2024, with yesterday’s momentous events it would be appear the writer of that episode was only a few years out.

My expectation has always been Ireland would reunify in my lifetime due to demographics but Brexit has expedited that, as Boris Johnson and the Brexiteers politically cuckolded the DUP by putting a border in the Irish Sea despite saying no British Prime Minister could countenance that.

Unlike Scotland there is a formal trigger for the UK government to authorise a unity referendum and I think the next Stormont election, which due to be held no later than the 6th of May 2027, could be that trigger with the Nationalist movement winning another election.

Ladbrokes have markets up on Irish unity and I think tying up your money for the rest of the decade isn’t value, but if I was forced to make a choice I think the 16/1 and 10/1 on Irish unification approval seems the best but some PBers might find some value. What Brexit has shown voters will put emotions over financial considerations.


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