PB Predictions Competition 2024 – Entries

PB Predictions Competition 2024 – Entries

A total of 81 of entries were received for the PB Prediction Competition 2024 and I have included a summary of those entries below.

Reflecting the prediction challenge I am struck by how quickly the news agenda shifts.  Most entrants predicted the party leaders will remain unchanged but in the days since entries closed, first Davey and then Starmer have come under pressure from the PO Scandal, so who knows how safe those predictions will be.  ‘Events dear boy, events!’ 

Time will reveal the competition winners and losers in due course but I have a hunch there could be a good few surprises along the way.

For those who like to Excel, here is a link to a spreadsheet containing all the entries.  For a quicker view, I have listed the entries split into in two tables (Q1 to 4 and Q5 to 10) below.

I apologise if anyone’s entry is missing – I have done my best to keep an eye open for entries as the came in but you will appreciate it’s a process open to human error.  Please either PM me or post details on the current thread if you think your entry has been missed or mis-transcribed and will go looking for it and provided it was posted before the deadline, add it to the list.  

Many thanks once again to all those taking the time to enter, and to TSE for generously donating the prize.  I will provide an update at appropriate points through the year.

Questions 1 to 4

Questions 5 to 10


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