Could Liz Truss improve Tory fortunes?

Could Liz Truss improve Tory fortunes?

The answer, of course, to the question in the headline is no, but it does increase pressure on Sunak if he now seen worse than Liz Truss with key voters, this is a long term trend, as Bloomberg observe

Just 59% of voters who backed the Conservatives under Boris Johnson at the 2019 election are sticking with the party under Sunak, the report found. That’s down from 74% in August 2022, and from 63% in the aftermath of Truss’s disastrous “mini-budget” in September 2022, which roiled markets and brought about the abrupt end of her premiership. That event had been seen as the polling nadir for the governing Tory party.

The problem for the Tories is that there is no one who is going to improve the Tories much.

Lettuce woman is a figure of fun and the country isn’t in the mood for laughs, Boris Johnson has a few hurdles to even become an MP, and deep down he knows his premiership would be over within seconds. Back in October 2022 he had the nominations to stand in the second Tory leadership election of 2022 and win with the members but enough Tory MPs wouldn’t serve under him and he couldn’t have a functioning government.

Plus his ratings are worse than Jeremy Corbyn’s ratings at the 2019 general election, and things would get worse when the full stories about his lies about partygate and also the lies about putting a known sexual predator in a position of authority then lying about it, he would have been ousted again.

In short the Tories as buggered as Zanzibar at 8:59 on the morning of the 27th of August 1896, I suspect the swingback alluded to with the undecideds will not help prevent a loss.


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