It’s not you babe, it’s me

It’s not you babe, it’s me

Today’s Sunday Times has this interesting analogy from Team Sunak about the next general election

At Kerridge’s restaurant last Tuesday, a member of Rishi Sunak’s team, who is the victim of a recent break-up, was seeking solace in the Tories’ now troubled relationship with the electorate. “The Conservative party has misbehaved and has been put in the spare room,” he suggested. “We haven’t yet been kicked out of the house completely.”

The reason for his hope was the continuing evidence in the polls that 20 per cent of people have yet to make up their minds who they plan to vote for — double the usual number at this stage of the electoral cycle. “Most of them say they aren’t paying much attention at the moment and they will only decide when they have to,” the aide said.

Experience tells me once you’re sleeping in the spare bedroom they never ever forget the reason why they made you sleep in the spare bedroom but the higher than normal don’t knows should squish any complacency in Labour.


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