Deflating Rishi Sunak, again

Deflating Rishi Sunak, again

Despite inflating being above the target Rishi Sunak has presented the recent falls in inflation as a success unfortunately it appears the public will not give him any credit. This I suspect fits in a wider issue that is plaguing Sunak, he grates with the public, taking credit it for successes that he really doesn’t deserve, he blamed inflation on world events such as Ukraine, he only wants to take credit it for the good things and nothing for the bad stuff.

This is a Gordon Brown trait, when from 1997 to 2007/08 he took all the credit for economic successes but when it all went mammary glands up it wasn’t his fault, despite Peter Lilley warning in 1997 of the tempest long foretold that occurred in 2007/08.

If Sunak wants any consolation, the UK public are thick as mince when it comes to inflation, as this Redfield & Wilton poll from earlier on this year shows.


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