Rishi the Grate

Rishi the Grate

Short of Rishi Sunak telling the voters they’ve never had it so good I’m not sure how he could have dealt with recent economic news worse. Looking at recent polling there’s no feel-good factor which chimes in with report in The Guardian

Ahead of autumn’s party conference season, Labour is planning a dual attack on Sunak for appearing out of touch with voters’ concerns, and his vulnerability to calls from backbench Tories for unfunded tax cuts that could lead to “Truss Mark II”.A memo prepared by Keir Starmer’s strategy director, Deborah Mattinson, seen by the Guardian, shows from the party’s polling and focus groups that swing voters do not feel better off and therefore the government’s suggestion of an improving economy is “grating”. A senior Labour source said: “What we have seen this summer is Rishi Sunak going on television telling people: ‘Isn’t everything going great?’, while at the same time mortgages are going up, foods bills are rising and energy prices are rising. He’s widely out of touch and working people are worse off...At the same time, he is too weak to call out the radical voices in his party who want him to do a ‘Liz Truss Mark II’ with unfunded tax cuts that will crash the economy. The truth is, the biggest risk to the economy is another five years of Conservative chaos. This is what you will hear us talking about this autumn.

I am absolutely the last person on this planet who should be giving people advice on how to stop looking like a brash, arrogant, out of touch elitist but surely the Tory party possess people who could help Sunak appear less grating?


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