Oh, Rishi Sunak

Oh, Rishi Sunak

The Times are reporting that Rishi Sunak could publish Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list as early as today, yesterday they reported that Stanley Johnson is still on course to be knighted in these honours.

If Rishi Sunak brings dishonour to the honours system by giving a man with a legacy of domestic abuse allegations then Sunak deserves the opprobrium headed his way. The Labour attack posters write themselves, and one thing Sir Keir Starmer has shown, they aren’t delicate flowers when it comes to political attack ads.

As the polling above shows, more people believe in aliens than think Stanley Johnson should receive a knighthood. The Tory polling could get worse, destroying any hopes of swingback.

A knighthood for Stanley Johnson will join the ever growing list of avoidable errors Rishi Sunak has made.


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