Trump’s indictment not going down well with independents

Trump’s indictment not going down well with independents

The polling that should worry the ex-President

It won’t be long before WH2024 starts in earnest and the big question is whether it will be between 78 year old Trump and 81 year old Biden. These are the ages the two men will be on election day

They are both strong betting favourites to be their party’s nominees though I have serious doubts about them and the above polling is hardly going to help Trump who is facing criminal charges in New York. That independents have moved so markedly against him is surely significant. The move is considerably above the margin of error.

Even so if Trump wants to go for it then he must have a good chance of becoming the nominee. His base is so strong although not big enough of itself for him to win a White House race.

Biden wants a second term and looks set to be the nominee unless an issue develops with his health.

Mike Smithson

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