Storm(y) in a D cup for Donald Trump

Storm(y) in a D cup for Donald Trump

When it became apparent that Donald Trump was going to be indicted I predicted that this would simultaneously solidify Trump’s hold on the GOP nomination whilst weaken Trump’s chances of winning the Presidency next year. The first part of that prediction is coming true based on this YouGov poll.

I had a hunch that GOP voters would see this as the greatest sham trial since Jesus was taken before Sanhedrin then Pontius Pilate which would boost Trump.

I suspect the GOP polling will get better for Trump when he is formally indicted and has to do the perp walk of shame next week. If you’re laying Donald Trump for the GOP nomination you really need to minimise your losses.

Hopefully we will see some betting markets for the trial of the century. A former President (who may yet become President again next year*), a porn star, adultery, and financial irregularities, this trial will have everything. Stock up on the mind bleach though, it will be a Stormy affair for America.


*For pedants, the election is next year but Trump would be sworn in in 2025

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