Brexit: The great turd blossom?

Brexit: The great turd blossom?

Normally we get regular polling that shows the public view Brexit as a mistake such as the above polling from YouGov and I’ve been of the view that regret over Brexit doesn’t necessarily mean the voters want to rejoin the EU yet the below polling from People’s Polling is making me reconsider that judgment.

What I find really striking about this polling is that given how much freedom of movement and immigration featured in the referendum campaign this polling showing bringing back freedom of movement and membership of Schengen as part of a rejoin deal Rejoin still maintains a lead, that would be a worse deal than we had before we left the European Union.

Whilst this poll doesn’t mention joining the Euro I don’t think that will be much of an issue. Firstly I don’t we would join the Euro given the convergence criteria and plenty of fudge would be deployed. Secondly, despite the best efforts of the Luddites, we are inexorably moving towards becoming a cashless society, if people do not physically see their currency does it really matter if it is Sterling or the Euro?

A turd blossom is a flower that occasionally grows out of cow dung, that’s how some Rejoiners are starting to view Brexit, it could lead to the United Kingdom with a deeper role in the EU thanks to the turd the Brexiteers have dumped on the country.

Back in 2016 I said it was likely the Brexiteers were in danger of being Jean-Claude Juncker’s fifth columnists, that prediction could be coming true.


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