Tory members are revolting

Tory members are revolting

Like the JL Partners poll this YouGov poll shows Tory members are having buyer’s remorse over selecting Liz Truss over Rishi Sunak and who can blame them for revolting against Liz Truss after Rishi Sunak’s warnings have been vindicated.

Given her performances during the campaign where she frequently u-turned and went full Corbyn when journalists quoted her own words and press releases it was clear Liz Truss would be a complete duffer, only the terminal stupid would have predicted Liz Truss surprising on the upside.

Even her critics would have struggled to predict how badly her special fiscal operation would turn out to be which has cratered the Tory vote and raised the possibility of the SNP or Lib Dems becoming His Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition to a Labour government.

Oddly this polling might actually keep Liz Truss in place, Tory MPs might be worried if they do oust her the roasters in the membership choose Boris Johnson again, the last few days have shown why it had to be Hunt in 2019.


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