Just how long can she survive?

Just how long can she survive?

The main argument for her be able to stay in post is that the Tory Party would look rather silly having another leader following all the changes in a very short period.

We all recall that Cameron survived until the referendum was lost and was followed by Theresa May. She had the job of trying to get the Brexit legislation through Parliament without having enough MPs. She called the 2017 general election and ended up with even fewer MPs. This made getting the Brexit legislation through almost impossible and eventually she went in 2019. BoJo then moved into Number 10.

He had what appeared to be a very good victory in the December 2019 General Election although admittedly that was against Jeremy Corbyn who had by that time become electorally poisonous.

Then of course Johnson had to step aside last month and we now have Truss whose decline in the four and a half weeks she has had in the job has been spectacular.

I think that by some distance she is the worst of the four Tory PMs we have had since 2016 and I can’t see her making it.

Mike Smithson

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