A LAB majority still longer than evens in the betting

A LAB majority still longer than evens in the betting


Inevitably given the polling since Truss became the prime minister the betting has moved to LAB to win a majority at the next general election. But even though some polls have them at 33% ahead of the Tories punters still make a Labour majority longer than evens

A big issue with this bet is that it may be that the Tories decide to replace Liz Truss with someone who is a better a communicator and has the ability to attract more public support – qualities that Truss appears to lack.

For almost all her first month of a bit as leader the Commons has not been sitting and it will be interesting next week to see if perceptions change or whether there is a view that the Tories are going to struggle if they don’t find someone else to lead.

What we do know from all this is that Tory MPs are a far better judge of who is best to lead than party members who, it has to be said, have got the Tories into the mess they are currently in. Fewer than 19’% of CON MPs backed her on the first ballot.

Mike Smithson

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