Is the Daily Mail turning on Truss?

Is the Daily Mail turning on Truss?

It is very unusual for the Daily Mail to be anything other than totally supportive of the Tories whoever is the leader so today’s front page comes as something as a surprise. That it should be so critical is almost unprecedented. But then so are 30%+ poll leads for Labour.

My guess is that the polling crisis for the new PM is something that even the Mail could not ignore and the danger for Number 10 is that this will not be just a one-off.

The approach by Truss has come as something of a surprise and I have been quite amazed about how poorly she comes over in the media. That series of BBC local radio station interviews might have looked a good idea at the planning stage but it turned out to be something of a disaster. I suppose it was thought that she would find them easier to handle.

I’m beginning to think that she could be in real trouble next week when Parliament returns.

As an aside, the lack of any movement on the Boris resignation honours list suggests very clearly that he has an eye on getting his old job back.

I’ve just had a little bet that Truss won’t survive 2022. If the Mail wants her gone then it is more likely to happen.

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