A CON majority drops to a 17% betting chance

A CON majority drops to a 17% betting chance


So far punters yet to be convinced by LizT

Given the way the polls have moved in the last week or so this morning’s big conference speech was always going to be tricky for the new PM. Her party has dropped to its worst position for decades and so far punters don’t anticipate any change.

It is a tough one for LizT to attempt to make out that hers is a new Government with the aim of seeking to put right the errors of the past 12 years. That was always going to be her central problem and I don’t think she was convincing in the speech.

Also this morning’s Daily Mail front page can hardly have helped her confidence.

I think the general election betting odds are about right with LAB longer than evens for a majority and the Tories now slipping to 17%.

The big risk for anyone betting on LAB is that LizT might not survive.

Mike Smithson

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