Truss isn’t working

Truss isn’t working

The special fiscal operation might be the greatest self inflicted wound since Emperor Palpatine allowed the Rebel Alliance to know the location of the second Death Star.

From this YouGov poll

Labour’s lead is fuelled by voters switching directly from the Conservatives, with 17 per cent of those who backed Boris Johnson in 2019 saying they would vote Labour.

Just 37 per cent of 2019 Conservative voters said they were planning to stick with the party, suggesting a Tory wipeout if an election were held now.

Almost three times as many voters said Sir Keir Starmer would make the best prime minister as the number who picked Liz Truss, with her support falling ten points in four days.

Asked to select whether Truss or Starmer would make the best prime minister, 44 per cent opted for Starmer and only 15 per cent for Truss — giving Starmer a lead of 29 points. When Truss became prime minister she had a lead of 7 points….

….But voters appeared to have comprehensively rejected Kwarteng’s tax cuts with only 10 per cent of voters seeing the government’s package as fair, down from 19 per cent on Monday.

Only 7 per cent said they believed the plan was affordable, as ministers ask departments for efficiency savings and try to reassure markets that the government can balance the books. But 64 per cent of voters, including 59 per cent of 2019 Tory voters, said the package was unaffordable, and 59 per cent said it was too risky.

The only Tory this poll is good for is Rishi Sunak

Asked whether Rishi Sunak would have made a better or worse prime minister than Truss, 44 per cent of Britons said better and 13 per cent said worse.

Crucially, even among those who said they would vote Conservative, 36 per cent believed Sunak would have made a better prime minister than Truss, compared with 29 per cent who thought he would have been worse.

The Tories are facing a 1993 Canada repeat with Truss in charge.


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