Punters now betting that Truss will be out next year

Punters now betting that Truss will be out next year


Poll suggests 191 CON MPs could lose their seats

After just three weeks and two days in the job punters are making a 2023 departure for her the favourite in the Liz Truss exit betting. In another betting market, it is now a 29.9% chance that Chancellor Kwarteng will be out this year.

This really is quite remarkable and suggests that last Friday’s so-called “budget” was perhaps a big mistake. Making things a lot easier for the very rich at a time of crisis is not obviously the right strategy.

We are in party conference season and, no doubt, this will be the main focus of the media as they head for Birmingham for the Tory conference. Her big leader’s speech looks set to be one of the political events of the year.

What we know from the leadership election is that Truss has far more support amongst party members than she gets from Tory MPs – more than 300 of whom did not back her on the first ballot.

This follows what is being regarded as a successful conference for Labour’s Keir Starmer who looks increasingly like a PM in waiting.

A poll for Channel 4 News suggests that 191 Tory MPs could lose their seats if the general election went the way of its latest survey.

Mike Smithson

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