YouGov has LAB with a 25% lead amongst women

YouGov has LAB with a 25% lead amongst women

We have now got the data set of the dramatic YouGov poll that had Labour with a 17% lead over the Conservatives. The numbers I find very interesting are in the gender split where women back LAB by 50% over a 25% share for the Tories

Those are quite remarkable numbers and I don’t recall ever seeing anything like them. I suppose that in terms of cost of living it is mostly women who have to bear the brunt.

It also suggests that the country’s third female prime minister, Liz Truss, is having a massive problem with her own gender.

The data also shows that the Tories are having trouble retaining the support of those who voted for the party at the last election.

Whatever poll deficits like this are going to put the new Tory leadership under massive pressure.

Mike Smithson

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