Sunak appears to be abandoning the RedWall

Sunak appears to be abandoning the RedWall

Does Truss agree?

There is little doubt that a big reason why the Tories did so well at the last election was because of Boris Johnson’s strategy in relation to what became known as the red wall seats.

In Sunak’s speech which the New Statesman has published it appears that the former Tory Chancellor and leadership contender is completely abandoning that approach.

One of the problems he has is that the poicy was always going to be difficult to sell to Conservatives in Southern England and in leadership elections you are appealing to a very small subset of the overall electorate with a very different profile

No doubt Labour and the Liberal Democrats will be carefully taking note of commitments like this and will use them during the next election campaign.

I am coming to the conclusion that having party memberships elect the leader is not a good thing.

Mike Smithson

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