Starmer’s set to have a challenging September

Starmer’s set to have a challenging September

Generally, leaders of the opposition have a good month in August because the government is not able to dominate the news agenda as much and they can often get a look in.

Not so this August because the big political story is the Tory leadership contest to choose the next PM.

September is not looking good for the Labour leader either because the result of the Tory election is due on September 7th and the day will be dominated by a new Prime Minister being appointed.

If the polls follow the usual trend when a new prime minister comes in then expect quite a surge in the Conservative position. As I have reported before I am betting on a Tory poll lead next month.

This will make things even more difficult for Starmer because the various parts of his party that have been against him have found it difficult to argue with the fact that he has established significant leads over the Tories. It is possible that Labour could go into its Party conference at the end of the month trailing the Tories.

All this will put pressure on Starmer who is helped that unlike the Tories the process to get rid of a LAB leader is much more complicated and more difficult.

Mike Smithson

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