These are the numbers that should really panic Number 10

These are the numbers that should really panic Number 10

Every month as we all know the Conservativehome website carries out a survey of its party member readers to find out their views including the regular cabinet satisfaction ratings.

The latest survey is featured above and as can be seen the PM and current occupant of Number 10, Boris Johnson, is rated with a net satisfaction level of minus -15%. By a long-distance these are the worst numbers for anybody on the list.

Remember that those who took part in the survey are almost all members of the Conservative Party and are very likely to be on regular speaking terms with their local MPs who of course must decide on the future of Johnson.

If you were a Tory MP with doubts about the PM the last thing I suggest you would do is go public in anyway. For Big Dog as he is now called is going to great lengths to stay in his job and those who publicly state that they might go against him are going to be put under exceeding pressure.

We have the early summer and Queen’s anniversary break at the moment and parliament won’t be resumed until next week. There are several reports in today’s papers suggesting that the 54 MP letter threshold for a PM confidence vote has been reached. If that is the case the vote would take place early next week

One thing is for sure Johnson is not out of the woods yet.

Mike Smithson

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