2022 is now betting favourite for Johnson’s exit

2022 is now betting favourite for Johnson’s exit


With the drip-feed of Conservative MP’s coming out against Johnson carrying on as party leader and PM, the BoJo exit date betting has taken a turn. 2022 is now favourite for his departure from Number 10.

There’s increasingly a view that Johnson will have to face a confidence ballot at some stage – something that’s triggered when 15% of CON MPs or more write calling for such a vote.

Even if this doesn’t happen immediately what could act as the trigger is if the Tories lose both seats that they are defending in the June 23rd by-elections. It is being said that the most nervous Tory MPs have seats where the LDs are the challengers and if Honiton & Tiverton is lost to Davey’s party that could be decisive.

His supporters argue that Johnson’s great strength is that he is seen as an election winner. My response is that his victories over the discredited LAB figures of Livingstone and Corbyn are really no big deal.

Mike Smithson

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