Frosty the no man as our next PM?

Frosty the no man as our next PM?

I was intrigued by the scenario from Jon Worth, Lord Frost becoming Prime Minister has been discussed for several months and something Lord Frost has refused to rule out.

I just cannot see it happening, the logistics of it seem highly unlikely, and I rule out the possibility of a Prime Minister from the Lords, after all getting rid of our unelected rulers has been all the rage the last few years. I can’t see Boris Johnson allowing Lord Frost becoming an official Tory candidate in any upcoming by elections

On a more practical basis Lord Frost shouldn’t be able to survive a rigorous Tory leadership contest. Given the way Lord Frost rails against the Northern Ireland Protocol another contender in the leadership contest might point out who actually negotiated the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Betfair nor Smarkets have Lord Frost listed on the next Prime Minister markets, if they did I would definitely be laying his Lordship in the market. I haven’t been this confident in laying a bet since late 2015 and early 2016 when I laid Donald Trump in GOP nominee market for the 2016 Presidential election, so come on Betfair and Smarket, get Lord Frost added to the next PM market, I mean Betfair have Ian Blackford listed on their next PM market.


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