Breaking: Starmer’s leadership?

Breaking: Starmer’s leadership?

Yesterday I speculated that Starmer would quit if he received a fixed penalty notice, I based this on the unmatched high levels of personal integrity that lawyers have, coupled with his high sense of ethics that DPPs need, and the fact of the criticisms Starmer has rightly launched at Boris Johnson for his repeated lockdown breaches.

Starmer is tune with the public as this YouGov poll shows, although Beergate appears not to have damaged Starmer’s rating at YouGov.

The cynic in me thinks that the clever lawyer* Starmer is putting pressure on Durham police not to fine him and that he feels confident he won’t receive a FPN. If Durham police are re-investigating old Covid breaches then Dom Cummings might finally be punished for his sojourns to Barnard Castle and other places in the North East.

Quite a few bets will be skewered if Starmer, I still maintain my position that if Starmer quits, the pressure on Johnson to also quit, the optics for him remaining whilst Starmer quit will be intolerable for the PM.


*Yes I know, clever lawyer is a horrible tautology.

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