If this polling doesn’t change then hello PM Starmer

If this polling doesn’t change then hello PM Starmer

Polls are not static and we are potentially thirty-three months away from the next general election so there’s a lot of time for things to change and with Boris Johnson is hoping he is a cross between The Bee Gees and and Mr Micawber, Stayin’ Alive in the hope that something will turn up, however my view unless this polling changes by the next election then Sir Keir Starmer will become Prime Minister, especially as the Conservatives appear to be utterly oncoalitonable.

Keiran Pedley has written a piece on this poll and why it is important and interesting, because not only do voters think they’d be better off under Labour they also say they are worse off since Boris Johnson’s government was re-elected in December 2019. The only sliver of comfort for the Conservatives is

Moreover, current polling shows Labour more trusted in dealing with the issue, with voters more inclined to say they would be better off under Labour than the Conservatives in the future. (This does, however, more reflect Conservative weakness than great enthusiasm for Keir Starmer’s party.)

For as long as I’ve been active in politics (and even before then, particularly in 1992) there’s been a tranche of voters who consider the Conservatives as utter bastards but still vote for them because they know how to run an economy. The last time the Conservatives lost their reputation for economic competence they were out of power for thirteen years as Labour racked up eye watering majorities in 1997 and 2001 and a comfortable majority in 2005. I feel comfortable with my Labour most seats position at the next election betting strategy.


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