The voters think 2022 will be Boris Johnson’s annus horribilis

The voters think 2022 will be Boris Johnson’s annus horribilis

At this time of the year I look forward to seeing the predictions of the voters for the upcoming year as collated by Ipsos MORI. It looks pretty grim for Boris Johnson and Sir Keir Starmer with a majority of the public thinking Boris Johnson will not be the Prime Minister at the end of 2022 whilst more people think Starmer will not be Labour leader by the end of 2022 than do. Like Gordon Brown, Boris Johnson wanted to be Prime Minister his entire life, once he got there, he seems not to know what to do, and seems unprepared for the role they coveted their entire lives.

This poll also makes me wish more of the public bet on politics with 52% of the public expecting a 2022 general election. Currently the Conservatives have a near eighty seat majority, trail on voting intention, and leadership ratings, and with a cost of living crisis set to explode in 2022 only the heir to the throne of the kingdom of idiots would trigger a general election in 2022.

As Covid-19 enters the third year of dominating the narrative in the UK the public aren’t optimistic.

Britons are still not confident that we will have got over the pandemic in 2022. Almost two-thirds (65%) think another national lockdown is likely next year while a similar proportion expect to see a new variant which is completely resistant to vaccines (62%). Only a quarter (24%) think we’ll see all Covid restrictions lifted permanently while 7 in 10 (69%) disagree. 

For the first eighteen months of the pandemic the polling in this country largely tracked that, I wonder if that will continue, I suspect not given the way Boris Johnson and his party have shredded their reputations recently with needless and avoidable errors. You can find out what else the public are predicting for 2022 by clicking here.


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