Climate change: The huge opinion gap in the US

Climate change: The huge opinion gap in the US

As the world’s focus moves to the Glasgow climate change conference YouGov US has published the above polling which I find quite shocking. The figures for college graduates show the huge gulf that exists with just 21% of Republican ones agreeing with the statement compared with 95% of Democrat college grads.

The detail of the polling offered three options and I have chosen the above one to illustrate best the great divide.

Maybe the approach of GOP voters is a hangover from the previous regime at the White House? Trump was almost always hostile to any moves on climate change and he still has an enormous influence on the party and its supporter base.

That there is such a huge partisan divide in what is still the world’s biggest economy underlines the pressure that Joe Biden is under. Whatever if anything is agreed in Glasgow is going to present the President with a huge challenge selling it at home.

Mike Smithson

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