It’s time to end this clocks moving back nonsense

It’s time to end this clocks moving back nonsense

London and Scotland polling finds support for all year BST

Each year on the day the clocks move back I get really irritated because to me it is crazy. During the winter the amount of daylight hours is very limited so why not make it so that we can enjoy what there is to the maximum. Instead, we have light mornings and things go dark in the mid to late afternoon.

I am glad to see that I am not alone. A recent MORI survey for the Greater London Authority shows a high level of support for remaining on British Summer Time (BST) all year round, therefore ending the practice of putting back the clocks in winter. The plan would mean an extra hour of daylight in the evening but an hour less in the morning. The survey found that 63% of Londoners and 56% of people in Scotland would support staying on BST year round.

Some 52% of those questioned in London and 50% of Scottish respondents disagreed that they would find it harder to get up in the morning if this change were made. More than two-thirds (69%) felt that they would feel safer walking outside after dark

When offered the choice between BST all year round, switching to Central European Time or keeping the current system, a quarter of respondents said they would like to stay on BST, 26% said they would like to change to Central European Time and just under half (47%) said they supported keeping the system as it currently is.

When is the government going to be brave enough to do this?

Mike Smithson

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