Further signs that the GOP will steal the 2024 election

Further signs that the GOP will steal the 2024 election

In plain sight the GOP is doing all it can to ensure that only they can ‘win’ the election, there’s the voter restrictions being placed , ‘in 2021 legislative sessions, lawmakers in 28 states have pushed a whopping 106 bills that would restrict voting access.’

If those voting changes fail to stop the Democrats winning the election then there’s plans to overturn democracy by using legislative means, something that was advocated during the 2020 election. Reuters have carried out some excellent analysis which shows how Donald Trump is endorsing and influencing the various Secretary of State elections around the country. As the tweet atop this thread shows there’s plenty of democracy denying cretins who may be elected in November, stronger adjectives are available.

It is becoming ever clearer that the January 6th insurrection and the run up was an attempted coup d’├ętat and Americans & the world will regret not punishing the instigators and enablers.

American Presidential elections have been at the core of PB since its founding back in 2004 and it is incontrovertible to me that betting on the main 2024 Presidential market should be avoided because winning bets will become losers due to the shenanigans of the GOP infrastructure. The outcome of the next election might well be determined by some elections next month.


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