Gavin Williamson has done another whoopsie

Gavin Williamson has done another whoopsie

It’s going to be a difficult day for government press officers this afternoon with the news that Geronimo the Alpaca, who was executed last week, didn’t have tuberculosis according to his supporters following his autopsy, DEFRA sources say Geronimo has TB like lesions then there’s Gavin Williamson’s jaw dropping blunder, confusing two black men, Marcus Rashford and Maro Itoje.

I wish I could say that such a faux pas from the Frank Spencer tribute act comes as a surprise but it doesn’t. He is so terrible at his job, he is to competence what the Maginot Line was to defending France from invasion.

What makes the blunder so egregious is that Marcus Rashford isn’t a nondescript footballer, he’s someone who has changed government policies over the last eighteen months, Williamson should have never made this blunder in the first place, the fact he has conflated two black men just makes it the blunder so much worse. Unsurprisingly this has led to a lot of criticism and urine extraction of the Education Secretary.

With rumours of a reshuffle as early as tomorrow then you might want to dabble in this Smarkets offering. The other day I was thinking Yes was the way to go, now I’m not so sure, this is going to be quite the pickle for Gavin Williamson to get out of given the way this story will go in confusing two black men. Maro Itoje is a 6 foot 6 inch and 17 stone rugby union player whilst Rashford is a sub six foot and 10 stone footballer, they’re not exactly alike.

If Boris Johnson keeps Gavin Williamson in the cabinet after the reshuffle then we have further confirmation that Boris Johnson values loyalty over competence.


PS – H/T to PBer noneoftheabove for the headline and to Northern_Al for the easy mistake to make line.

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