Like a bad smell Trump isn’t going anywhere

Like a bad smell Trump isn’t going anywhere

Jim Jordan’s comments confirm what many of us have expected for a while. My view is that absent actuarial reasons or if he is in prison then Trump will run for the GOP nomination (and win it.)

If he is going to announce his intention to run in the next few days then you might want to get onboard the Trump train before it is too late, if you’ve been laying Trump for the GOP nomination/Presidency you may have toupée the price.

Trump is clearly pandering to his supporters, after being booed after urging them to get vaccinated he’s now said he probably won’t get a booster shot, that’s the sort of comment that will help him win the nomination.


PS – Before any of you replicate my betting strategy full disclosure. In the 2016 primary contest I was the of view that Trump wouldn’t win the nomination and bet accordingly, it was only when he failed to win the Iowa caucus and third placed candidate Marco Rubio somehow became the favourite on Betfair for the nomination allowed me to dig myself out of that large betting hole.

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