Some worrying statistics from America

Some worrying statistics from America

Those tweets from Ryan Struyk are quite worrying. I’ve pointed out for a while that this partisan divide on vaccines in America has the potential to swing American politics to the Democratic Party’s advantage for the next few electoral cycles. It has to change the demand and expectation of the health services in the United States, which also has to upend politics in America. Long Covid may make the GOP supporters of ObamaCare.

This fits into a wider Covid-19 denialism in some parts of America. For those of us backing/laying Ron DeSantis as the GOP nominee/President in 2024 there maybe a reckoning for the Governor becauseFlorida reported a new record number of Covid-19 cases Friday — more over the past week than any other seven-day period during the pandemic. Data published Friday by the state health department showed 151,415 new Covid-19 cases over the past week, for an average of 21,630 cases each day.’

Whilst it might be amusing to laugh at Trump voters and supporters as Darwin Award contenders there is the risk that the unvaccinated fuel new variants which may end up being vaccine resistant.  The data are something we all need to track, political gamblers and other members of the human race, if the partisan divide on vaccines remains this gets messy for all of us.


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