Better Together: Olympic edition

Better Together: Olympic edition

Just 33% of Scots want Team Scotland to represent them at the Olympics.

This poll contrasts strongly with a Survation poll back in early January which showed 47% of Scots wanted a Team Scotland at the Olympics rather than be a part Team GB as happens in the Commonwealth Games whereas 42% of Scots wanted Scots to keep on representing Team GB (which translates as 53% v. 47% excluding don’t knows.)

I suspect the difference between the pollster is the timing of their polls. In January when Survation asked this question Team GB was a relatively abstract concept whereas YouGov asked this question to Scottish respondents during the Olympics when Team GB was front and centre. I suspect the tour of South Africa by the British & Irish Lions may have had an impact but then Scotland’s participation at Euro 2020 may have negated that though.

Following the brouhaha over the TeamGB men’s football team at London 2012 wasn’t that damaging but anyone suggesting a united GB/UK football team at UEFA/FIFA sanctioned matches the most optimistic scenario in that is would be rivers of blood, you’d be better off suggesting a merger between Celtic and Rangers.

If we do have Indyref2 in the near future as abstract concepts start becoming reality that may alter the current polling.


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