Cuomos and goings

Cuomos and goings

It has been a disastrous week for the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, following the publication of a report on his behaviour, at least eleven women were harassed by Governor Cuomo.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed numerous women on his staff or in his circle in Albany, repeatedly touching, grabbing or making inappropriate comments towards them and retaliating against at least one when she came forward with her story, according to a long-awaited investigative report from Attorney General Letitia James’ office. 

“Governor Cuomo’s actions violated multiple state and federal laws,” James said in a briefing Tuesday.

“This investigation has revealed conduct that corrodes the very fabric that makes our state government and shines a light on injustice present at the highest levels of state government.”

America elected a self confessed pussy grabber back in 2016 so the bar is so low in that country so you should expect Cuomo to survive this scandal but I don’t think Cuomo can.

One aspect is his hypocrisy, he has seamlessly segued from being a #MeToo ally to a one-man battle to discredit women. Another problem for him he has lost plenty of allies, including President Biden who publicly urged Cuomo to resign, and most crucially is the fact that issue this has become a criminal complaint.

Cuomo’s media strategy has been terrible as well, including, and I’m not making this up, a slideshow of people he hasn’t sexually harassed, it felt like a scene if The Day Today interviewed Alan Partridge, it included lines like “I do it with everyone. Black and white, young and old, straight and LGBTQ, powerful people, friends, strangers, people who I meet on the street.”

A 33% return in just under five months that Ladbrokes are offering looks very appetising especially in light of the fact that a majority of the New York Assembly would impeach Cuomo if he doesn’t resign.


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